Eqaruk is a real estate website which allows users to communicate with agents and individuals and practice their marketing in accordance with the “Terms and Conditions” referred to in the terms and conditions page. The agents and the three parties are responsible for preparing the details and sending inquiries to you directly, and the platform does not participate in any communications between you and the agents or individuals and are not involved in any part of the transaction.

Eqaruk website provides users with a unique experience in the real estate exchange process for the user, broker and companies to ensure that the seller and brokers are connected to the buyer, by sharing the property for sale or rent free of charge. We promote your listings on a geographical level that extends to all the Gulf countries. Eqaruk also gives you the experience of searching for a property in an easy and convenient way that does not cost you Any financial amount, to reach your desired goal and enjoy it.

You can add your property now by registering on the platform, then click on “Create A Listing” at the top of the main page, fill in the required fields and make sure the information is correct. If you already have an account on the platform, there is no need to create a new account. You can access the “Create A Listing” service by clicking on the quick link and filling in the required fields to fully identify your property. The request that we will confirm and agree to publish will be sent as soon as possible In accordance with the “Terms and Conditions”.

We would be more than happy to help. Don’t hesitate to contact the technical support team at the following email support@Eqaruk.com. We will respond to your email and solve the problem as soon as possible.

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