Tips you must know before buying your property

Taking the step of buying  property is one of the most confusing steps for the buyer, especially if he has many and multiple choices, so he is confused between those options He does not know what path he must take and what criteria he must take into consideration. On your Eqaruk website, we offer you tips for the buyer that he must bear in mind before taking the step of buying any property:

1- Determine the purpose of the purchase on which you will base your decision. Do you need a property for housing, commercial or investment purposes? You should also not rush and wait and take time in comparing real estate, to choose the most appropriate and desired property.

2- It is necessary to go by yourself to see and verify the location of the property and compare its realistic form with the facilities and information of the space that was presented to you to get to know the property before concluding any agreement with the seller, company or any broker of the property, and of course as a buyer you have the right to request an inspection of the property before buying it by communicating with the advertiser of the property and asking him to do so.

3- You must ensure that the full ownership of the property belongs to the person who intends to sell it to you and ensure his eligibility, in addition to make sure that there are no other heirs with the seller or any other owner not mentioned in the contract.

4- Before buying any property, make sure that it is at least 15% ready, and make sure that it is existing on the location of the property to avoid scams.

5- Study the property ownership contract and present it to the competent authorities to ensure that there are no problems related to the property with the competent authorities.

Finally, before taking the final step to realize the dream of buying your property, ask yourself before choosing so that you can fall for the finest and best choice .. What is the property that will achieve the goal of purchasing?

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