Why is real estate investing considered the best way to increase income?

Investing money in the field of real estate is one of the best and safest types of investments, where the risk is almost non-existent and the profits are guaranteed. This has resulted in the saying “the best of money is real estate” for those who seek to create wealth or even ensure money that is regularly and periodically generated.

One of the most important reasons why investing in real estate is the best type of investment is that the real estate is a fixed asset for the owner and its value can increase with its development and its changing geographical location , in addition to the possibility of changing the real estate activity from residential to commercial or industrial in the interest of the owner, whether for his project or the tenant project. You can also buy an old land or property and then demolish it and build on it for the purpose of housing or trade and sell it at a higher price, or even buy land and build a house and then rent it to ensure a stable long-term monthly income, which increases with the progress of the years. Also, you can search for an abandoned property, buy it, repair it, and then sell it for a higher price.

Real estate has proven over the years that it is the best traditional way to profit, and the evidence came strong after the spread of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) when economic activity fell for all types of economy, but the real estate market was not affected by the economic recession and witnessed a large influx, especially in the Gulf region, despite the period of fluctuations which we went through as a result of the pandemic. there is a British study that concludes that about 85% of the total global wealth is related to real estate, not cash money, which confirms the importance of real estate investment for those who wish to invest to increase income and profit.

There is a famous saying that says, “The real estate gets sick and does not die,” which indicates that in the event of turmoil or fluctuation in the real estate market, the impact will not be influential and the real estate will not lose its value no matter how the crises affect it.

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